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Singing is a continuous stream in the present -

a mental and physical reorientation on subtle, living structures within me and throughout me - endless. I find the quality of my voice between singing and speaking and also use experimental techniques in a playful way. As a soprano the integration of the natural speaking voice has newly organized my artistic range of performance. In the end I am not interested in showing off extreme skills (being able to sing in three octaves from d-d''' and beyond) but in a sound of the voice integrating all these qualities - not merely as a technique - but as inner richness.

This corresponds with my understanding as a Scelsi-interpretor that feeling the integrated whole of the human being is possible through the integration of sound and music in musical performance.

In the same way working in the soundscape results in an important input for the voice and in a partner of communication. In recent years many works for voice and soundscape have been produced.

Since my debut with "Maulwerke" by Dieter Schnebel in 1992 I have gained experience with opera, song, sacred old music, experimental contemporary music and a wide range of improvisation.

For a chronological selection of my artistic vita as a singer with video- and audeo-material see »projects.


   Performance "urban voice antigonal" » Video on Vimeo

“Solo performance sound of the voice”
   Giacinto Scelsi "HÔ" Vokalisen 1,2,5 » listen to excerpt on Soundcloud
   Christoph Illing "ineinandergeschachtelt" » http://sinuous.de/stimmklangundfreiheit.html

“Winterreise — synthetische Landschaften” 2010
   » http://winterreisesp.wordpress.com
   » http://www.hannesstrobl.de/page.php?ID=84

“ Solo Styx”
   » Trailer on Vimeo
   » long Version on Vimeo